POS Masters
::: We would like to thank all exhibitors and visitors for their participation on EXPO 4.0 ::: The next EXPO 4.0 takes place from 30th January to 1st February 2020 in Stuttgart :::



Trade Show for Marketing, Design & Technology at the Point of Sale.


POS marketing strengthens brands, supports the consumer's loyalty for brands and products and increases sales. Thus, the point of sale is the most important communication media in the complex relationship between retailer and consumer. „POS Masters“ is a fair concept created for the POS marketing industry and all suppliers and service companies showing: Permanent displays (metal, acrylic, wood or mixed-material), packaging solutions and action displays made of cardboard, shop in shop-solutions, in-store equipment and shop design concepts, trade show displays, exhibit designs, AV-media and digital signage solutions for the point of sale.


Please contact: 
Mr Thorsten Brandmann
Tel.: +49-(0)40-796 99 77-0



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